Doing Business Abroad

Learn how to successfully do business internationally

Despite the availability of information on cultural dos and don’ts, even well-travelled and seasoned business professionals can encounter miscommunication and friction when doing business abroad.

Establishing fruitful relationships requires more than a basic knowledge about a culture—you must also see your own culture and personality traits through the eyes of other people and understand what your own preferences and patterns may evoke in others.

Our coaching and consulting services focus on the effect of your presumptions and actions in an intercultural context and help you adapt your behaviour to meet your goals in intercultural relations. We match you with a trainer who has expertise in your industry and the region in which you operate. 

Do you or your team want to:

Save time and money when doing business abroad?

Obtain the competencies needed to become successful in doing business abroad?

Successfully collaborate with overseas companies?

Build trust and understanding when doing business abroad?

Forge successful international relationships?

Understand the business culture of the countries you are working with?

Be successful in cross-cultural negotiations?

Understand the cultural background of your counterparts when doing business abroad?

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