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Learning goals

Are you a professional doing business abroad?

In this programme, internationally-operating professionals strengthen their skills to deal with unfamiliar business culture and communicate effectively in intercultural settings. 

Intercultural Assessment

You will complete an intercultural assessment designed to illustrate how you approach intercultural interactions.

Understanding Patterns of Behaviour

Together with an expert, you will reflect on rituals, customs, the impact of power, communication styles, beliefs, value systems, and other country-specific behavioural patterns that influence everyday interactions.

Business Goals 

You will improve collaboration in the working environment. You will also explore the new business culture and develop personal strategies on topics such as building relations, negotiating, hierarchy, the role of the manager, and more. 

Programme Structure


2 hours self-paced online training and assessment.

Face to face individual training

Full day individual training tailored to your needs and context after completing e-learning.

Location: KIT Royal Tropical Institute, Mauritskade 64, Amsterdam.  Also possible to join online.

What our clients say about us

“My partner and I look back on one day of very intense and very useful training at KIT in preparation for our move to Singapore.

The trainers from KIT prepared themselves very well and were able to address our questions and concerns. Even better, although we are experienced expats, they made us think about cultural aspects of our expat-assignment we didn’t realize were coming our way.

The KIT training was a good eye-opener, we recommend it to everybody.”

Raoul Bonnet
Director Integrated Business Planning